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AA Events

If you would like to have information about your upcoming AA event in Victoria added to these pages please let us know. If you send us a flyer, we can email it out to AATimes subscribers.

You can use the ‘Tell us about your AA Event‘ section above.

New groups

There is no waiting period for new groups in Victoria to be added to these pages or to the National Office Website. If you notify us, your new group will be added here and to the National Office site within a couple of days and will be included in the meetings books and lists when they are updated for the next month. Notification will also be sent to the weekly newsletter subscribers.

Meeting Changes

Let us know about changes to your group's meetings so we can update our listings and let members know. And please let us know if a meeting has closed down so it can be removed from the lists.

Group Websites and Phone Numbers

If your AA Group is in Victoria and you have a webpage, let us know and we will add links to your site.

And if your AA Group has a public number that the public can call to contact you, let us know and we can add that to the meetings list as well.


To add or change your group's meeting details, or tell us about an event your AA group is holding, you can leave a message on the Melbourne 24 hour helpline 03 9529 5948.

AA Help Lines

  • AA 12th Step Office Prahran (03) 9529 5948 Melbourne Southern & Eastern Suburbs
  • AA North West Intergroup 0419 610 025 Melbourne's Northern and Western suburbs & outer Regional Areas
  • AA Bendigo District 0447 754 111
  • AA Geelong District (03) 5229 1710
  • AA Peninsula District 1300 880 390
  • AA Shepparton/Mooroopna District (03) 5831 5532

Other Local Contacts

  • Bairnsdale (03) 5152 4096
  • Castlemaine 0408 539 030
  • Deniliquin (03) 5881 3543
  • Frankston and Bayside 0439 182 320
  • Heywood 0417 538 670
  • Lockwood (03) 5435 3167
  • Mildura (03) 5023 4911
  • Mooroopna (03) 5831 4547
  • Mt Gambier (08) 8723 2319
  • Portland 0418 671 416 Jim
  • Sale (03) 5144 3495
  • Shepparton (03) 5831 5532
  • Swan Hill (03) 5032 4312
  • Toolamba (03) 5826 5282
  • Traralgon (03) 5176 1459
  • Warrnambool (03) 5561 2500

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