Westhope Rule 62 Group



Saturday 6:30pm - Yarraville

Topic meeting from As Bill Sees It - Reopened Live

59 Francis St
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Rule 62 - Don't take yourself too damn seriously.

60 minutes
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 Stu 0409 131 144
As Bill Sees It, Beginners, Live, Recovery, Open

Westhope Rule 62 Group Back to an ONLINE MEETING this evening due to 5 day Covid lockdown
(Normally 6:30pm, 1st Floor, Yarraville Community Centre, 59 Francis St, Yarraville)

Westhope Meeting Now In New Venue
And we've changed our name to 'Westhope Rule 62'
Yarraville Senior Citizens Centre
48 Fehan St, Yarraville

(Was in St Marks, Melbourne Rd, Spotswood)

Westhope Recovery 2nd Anniversary
St Paul's Church
Rear 295 Somerville Rd, Yarraville
Please bring a plate

New Meeting - Westhope Recovery
St Paul's Church
295 Sommerville Rd