Alcoholics Anonymous - Northside Womens Group

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Northside Womens Brunswick Thursday Online, Women New

Thursday 6:30pm AEST Next meeting Thursday 30th June 6:30pm

Online from Brunswick
Brunswick VIC
Zoom Meeting ID: 893 230 1851 Passcode: 312785
Meeting Information

This group requires all attendees to identify themselves with their camera. Anyone failing to comply with this request will be removed and will not be able to rejoin the meeting.

The group is seeking a new venue and hope to return to In Person meetings soon.

Online Meeting, Women
60 minutes
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Northside Womens Group


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Northside Womens Meeting Back Online Due to Lockdown

Northside Women's Group Second Anniversary
The Bardin Centre, Christ Church
8 Glenlyon Road, Brunswick

Supper available after the meeting

First Anniversary - Brunswick Womens 12 and 12 Book Study Group
Bardin Centre, Christ Church, Brunswick.
8 Glenlyon Rd,, Brunswick