Ballarat South Saturday Group



Saturday 1:00pm - Ballarat

Live Face to Face only

11 Tuppens Drive, Sebastopol
(Behind Phoenix College)
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Masks are mandatory unless exempt. Social distance guidelines to be adhered to. Contact for contact trace purposes will be recorded then sealed in envelope each meeting, and only opened if required. Maximum of 20 allowed, if this is reach group will split and hold mini meeting.
Call Group contact numbers for more details.

60 minutes
 Jason 0400 684 403
 or Vern 0412 300 900
ID, Live, Open


Ballarat South Saturday - Guest Speaker Meeting
Speaker Kristie Stepping in NYC
Ballarat South Community Hub
11 Tuppens Drive, Sebastopol

Ballarat City Saturday 2nd Anniversary
St Patrick's Cathedral
3 Lyons Street South, Ballarat