Castlemaine Big Book Group



Wednesday 7:00pm - Castlemaine Live and Online

Big Book - Face to Face and Online

47 Kennedy St
(Near the Castlemaine railway Station)
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Zoom Meeting ID: 838 1892 5828
Password: UNITY
Online Live

COVID19 plan protocols as agreed with the venue will be adhered to.

60 minutes
 Lisa on 0415 970 190
 Derek 0425 797 620
Big Book, Live, Online, Open

Traditions Express Meeting
30 minutes on Tradition 4. Speaker followed by sharing.

Castlemaine Big Book Group ~ Traditions Express - A Tradition per month in 30 minutes

Castlemaine Big Book Group - Monthly Traditions Express Meeting
Presenting a tradition each month in 30 minutes

Castlemaine Big Book Traditions Express
Monthly Traditions meeting - 30 minutes!

Traditions Express | Wednesday December 9th | 7:45pm | Tradition 12
A TRADITION PER MONTH IN 30 MINUTES A monthly tradition presentation and sharing

Traditions Express
A tradition per month in 30 minutes

The Twelve Traditions Express
A Tradition per month in 30 minutes.
October: Tradition 10

Castlemaine Big Book Group Christmas Day Gratitude Meeting
Salvation Army Hall
47 Kennedy St, Castlemaine
Near the Castlemaine railway Station directions

Friends & family are most welcome. If you can, please bring some food (even Chrissie leftovers) for supper after the meeting, which will be based around the subject of Gratitude!