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This form is for adding new meetings. If you are temporarily moving an exising face-to-face meeting online during the coronavirus lockdown, please use the 'Change AA Meeting' form.

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If the new meeting is online only and not attached to a face-to-face meeting, you must still nominate a suburb or town name below. (The AATimes only lists meeting originating in Victoria, Australia.) Then put 'Online Meeting' in the venue name field.

Enter the details for connecting to your meeting online. If it's a Zoom event, copy the information from the invitation created by Zoom and paste it here:
Include the long link suppied if you have one, and the Meeting ID and Password

e.g. 'Springvale Neighbourhood House', 'Uniting Church Hall', 'Gahan Centre'
Please be as precise as possible with the address. We suggest you find the venue on google maps to be sure the venue name and address are accurate.

Meeting Tags
This can be left blank if the meeting has already started.
Any other information about the meeting. e.g. 'Not open on public holidays', 'Except last Thursday of the month' or 'If door is closed, please knock'.

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