AA meetings in Uniting Church Murrumbeena, Murrumbeena

Monday 8:00pm - Murrumbeena


These rules are from the Government and from the Church; they may change at short notice.

  1. You must wear a mask at all times when indoors.
  2. You must sign in, preferably with a mobile phone. A sheet of paper is provided if necessary for first name and phone number.
  3. We will be in the MacDonald Hall, further back than our usual place.
  4. No access to the kitchen for food or drink. Bring your own drinks in a take-away bottle. Do not bring food unless essential.
  5. Any rubbish you make to be taken home with you.
  6. Toilets are through the kitchen. Avoid touching anything while walking through.
  7. Do not wander through the church. Stay in our meeting room unless visiting the toilet.
  8. You can gather outside without a mask but avoid interrupting the meeting with your chat.
 Barry 0407 867 515
 email MurrumbeenaAA@gmail.com
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