More information about Alcoholics Anonymous is available from the National Office of AA in Australia website.

About AATimes

This web site is presented and maintained by AA members. Our purpose is to stay sober and to help others to find sobriety in the meetings and events held by AA Groups here in Victoria.

The guidelines used to operate the AATimes have been approved by Area B, Area C and Area D of the Southern Region of AA in Australia.

AATimes Guidelines

These guidelines for the AATimes publications have been approved by Area B, Area C and Area D of the Southern Region of AA in Australia.


AATimes publishes information about Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, events and groups in the Southern Region of Australia. Information is provided as a service to AA Groups, Members, health professionals and the public. Our function is to assist AA Groups in their primary purpose - to carry their message to the alcoholic who still suffers.


The AATimes publishes:


The publications provide information about:

In general, AATimes does NOT provide:

In accordance with AA Tradition, AATimes

The use of AA's Trademarks and Logos on the site are in accordance with Guidelines G-20 of the Australian Service Manual.

Group Information

AA Groups and service bodies in Victoria may have their postal and/or email addresses listed on the web site as an aid to communication within AA.

Groups may also have a link to their own web site listed on AATimes or can have their own web page set up within the AATimes website.

Groups are encouraged to provide phone numbers that can be published along side meeting details, but are reminded that such phone numbers become publicly available and privacy issues should be considered.

Personal Anonymity

Individual AA members are not identified in the publications. Private email addresses are not included if they include person's full name.

Listing of Meetings and Events

We endeavour to list all AA Meetings and Events held in Victoria.

The few exceptions are:

Complaints about listings

Any complaints from the fellowship regarding the listing of particular meetings or events should be directed to the editor who will consult with the Southern Region Trustee. Complaints will be listened to carefully and as much information as possible will be gathered relating to the meeting or event in question. In accordance with the National Conference policy: We will list all AA meetings and publicised events. We will listen carefully to objections. We will remove it only if it clearly and repeatedly breaches the Traditions in a manner which would cause serious damage to members or the Fellowship as a whole.


The editor maintains a list of subscriber email addresses. Subscribers are sent:

The subscriber list is not shared with any other body or outside enterprises.

Subscribers are only added to the list by their own request - either by email or through submitting the form on the web site.

Non Endorsement

Links to other websites from the AATimes web site are included for convenience sake and do not imply endorsement by AA or AATimes. No responsibility is taken for content on those sites. They are entirely the responsibility of their respective owners.


The AATimes editor is responsible for the maintenance of the web site and publications in accordance with these guidelines.

The editor will produce a regular report and make it available on the net.

The editor maintains an Operations Manual which has full details about the site to ensure it can continue seamlessly in the event of a handover of the position. It contains all usernames and passwords used in the site as well as up to date "How-to" information.


The website and publications are produced by volunteers. Costs are kept to a minimum and expenditures are covered by donations from our volunteers and occasionaly from Southern Region Areas.