AA Meeting - Oakleigh Thursday

Oakleigh Thursday In-person and Online

Thursday 8:00pm AEST Next meeting Thursday 11th August 8:00pm

Oakleigh Hall
142-144 Drummond St, Oakleigh VIC
Zoom Meeting ID: 789 7343 3025
Local phone number (03) 7018 2005 VIC Meeting ID: 789 7343 3025. Note that other AA groups besides Oakleigh also use the (03) 7018 2005 number.

Meeting Information

Oakleigh will be open live again. You can still be able to go on Zoom/dial in. This is not a hybrid meeting where both the live and zoom meeting are in the same room. The format and time has not changed. This is an ID meeting that starts at 8pm on a Thursday night in Melbourne Australia.

Meeting ID: 789 7343 3025


To access Oakleigh Thursday night 8pm via smart phone - Click the 'Join by phone' button on this screen

1. Call (03) 7018 2005. Note that other AA groups besides Oakleigh also use the (03) 7018 2005 number.

2. Once you have dialled this number please put in the Oakleigh zoom id via your phone dial pad which is 789 7343 3025 and press the hash key which is this symbol #

3. There is no password for this meeting.

4. If you are the participant and not the host of the meeting the service will ask you to press # (hash) if you are a participant. Please wait for the host to let you in.

5. Please inform the host that if your mobile phone number can be viewed online by the room that the host change this to your first name.

6. If you are asked to share please press *6 This is the star button and number 6 button on your phone. The buttons allow you to unmute and mute.

7. To raise your virtual hand press *9 This is the star button and number 9 on your phone.

For any other questions please contact our group contact phone number on 0449 220 124

More detailed information about using a phone and zoom can be found at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362663-Joining-a-Meeting-by-Phone

ID format, In-person (live), Online Meeting
90 minutes
Oakleigh Oldtimers & Bun Night
Oakleigh Hall
142-144 Drummond Street, Oakleigh
Oakleigh Group

Ph: 0449220124